Yikes, Re: CUI

Ok, those who write for student media are prone to make mistakes.

Student media are meant to be learning opportunities and as such, those who work don't have the greatest amount of experience.

I'm on the CUI publications board, so I've been reading their posts more frequently (I've also been interviewed a couple of times by them, which always draws my attention).

I saw this (unfortunate) gem yesterday:
"Lowest unemployment rate in a quarter century requires creative job-seeking startegies"

Ugh. The spelling error in the headline not withstanding (my spell check registers the mistake, so I wonder how this happened?), I think the reporter and editors must have been confused about how the unemployment rate works.

"Lowest in a quarter century"? I thought it was a joke or an ironic, Onion-esque reference. But no, as our unemployment rate creeps towards the HIGHEST point in quite some time, students are becoming nervous about getting a job, the point of the story.

And the error only appears in the headline.

What a tragedy. Some student's hard work derailed by a poor headline.

I wonder what their re-post/corrections policy is for errors?


Bethany said...

How funny. Poor kid!

Danielle Alberti said...

Looks like the error was corrected on March 16. Thanks for the catch. Even when we're caught in a stupid mistake (like this), it's good to get faculty feedback. I truly hope to hear more from you.

As of right now, I don't believe we've instituted a corrections policy. I will address the issue this Sunday at our next budget meeting, because I do believe that we need to regulate corrections in order to ensure accuracy and reliability (as you mentioned in class last semester).

Thanks again!
-Danielle Alberti
CU Independent opinion editor