Juicy Campus Dries Up

Well, it's officially gone.

As of 12:01 a.m., the controversial gossip site JuicyCampus.com went offline.

The site's demise was announced yesterday in the homepage's banner, as well as on founder Matt Ivester's blog.

Citing a loss of ad revenue in the current economic climate, Ivester announced that yesterday would be the final day of the site's services.

While at SMU, I was involved in many of the discussions and debates about the content related to the Hilltop. The ruthless commentary filled with sexually explicit language, the references to the bugeoning drug culture and several incredible violations of individuals' privacy kept the site in the public discourse. And this was likely the objective of it's design.

When I accepted the position at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I looked at the gossip posted on the site for the campus. Much tamer by SMU standards, the campus unit was removed sometime in the last few months via request.

Much of the content posted on the site was stirred up by trolls and bots, and little of the available content had socially redeeming value.

So long, JuicyCampus. You will not be missed.