Setting the Record Right ...

That is, right as in "correct," not necessarily Republican.

I came across an article in the Mail & Guardian today concerning the speculation the the forthcoming Bush Library will be located at SMU.

Among the reasons why this particular story cited SMU as a lock was this statement:
"The institution, next door to the couple's church, recently gave the president an honorary doctorate."

This brought me up short. I am a member of the SMU Faculty Senate, and I was pretty sure this wasn't correct. But then, I only arrived at SMU in 2004, so it was theoretically possible.

But no, after doing my homework (4 minutes of it, anyway), I ascertained that the president did not receive an honorary doctorate from SMU. But his father did back in 1992.

So once again, the son gets confused for the father. And this one apparently nets him a rumored doctorate from SMU.

Once again, a couple of minutes in Google could have resolved this. It's called fact-checking, people ...