Fairfield mentioned in USAToday …

In an amusing turn of events, my hometown of Fairfield, TX has gained national prominence today as the traffic increase resulting from the flight from Galveston and Houston has jammed Interstate 45.

For the unitiated, Fairfield lies approximately 90 miles south of Dallas and approximately 180 miles north of Houston on Interstate 45. Most of the time, when people have heard of Fairfield, it is for Sam’s restaurant (a deserving favorite pit stop for thousands annually), the Freestone County peach festival (Fairfield is the county seat and Freestone peaches are famously flavorful) or the Fairfield State Lake.

I was born in Houston and spent most of my early years in the suburbs, but I did attend Fairfield High School and graduate from Fairfield ISD. It’s amusing to see it listed in prominent national news media. Fairfield has been on the map before as being the hometown for Winfred Tubbs and Tony Brackens, but rarely does the little (est. population 3,000 - 3,500) sleepy city get so much attention.

If only all those cars were trying to get TO Fairfield, instead of desperately trying to streak past it …

… but I bet the local restaurants are seeing some favorable results.